The DEMP Project

Bringing light into the darkness

Our Purpose - Our Mission

Our goal is to help the victims of sex trafficking and their families make the transition to a better life.

Sex Trafficking is a growing problem that affects MILLIONS of people every year. According to the Human trafficking Hotline, Florida ranks third in U.S. in human trafficking cases reported by states, behind only California and Texas. The DEMP Project is a faith-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing victims enslaved in the sex trafficking industry. We were established in 2015 and are located in Jacksonville, Florida. DEMP’s goal is to eradicate sex slavery and sex-for-sale businesses in our local community. We assist victims of the sex trafficking industry by providing housing, life coaching, employment skills, and other essentials for an everyday life.



— We Meet

We go to eight local strip clubs twice a month to meet and minister to women in the industry who are in desperate need of a Savior.


— We Care

Assuming the roles of sisters and mothers when there is no support, we provide love and understanding in a situation that seems hopeless.


— We Connect

We stand in the gap and help these women to find their identity and to establish lasting relationships with our staff and with their Lord and Savior.


— We Share

We bring food, gifts and religious materials with each visit. While we are in the clubs, we lend them an ear, offer lasting friendships, and focus on sharing the love of Jesus Christ.


— We Guide

When they realize they no longer want that life, we help find resources to get out. These include help with school or college applications, employment, drug rehab, counseling, referrals for law and family attorneys, etc.


— We Don't Judge

This is about creating a safe place of trust and understanding. These women are in tough situations. We don’t judge them. We focus on build trusting relationships so we can help them recognize who they are in Christ.




Building women up who once didn’t know their worth.

They taught and continue to show me unconditional love. Never judging, always seeing where they can be helpful. Building women up who once didn’t know their worth. Helping them to find who they are in Christ and standing on his promises!!!

They have truly loved me back to life.

I am an ex sex worker and victim of human trafficking. About 4 months ago I was referred to DEMP by drug court. These women have truly, with Gods help, changed my life. When I met them I had been using heroin for 30 years. The guilt, shame, and trauma were killing me. They have truly loved me back to life. Their example of Christ gives me hope, and because of that same example I am still sober right now.

Until, I encountered DEMP I never really understood that I was important to this world or even to my daughter

Pretty soon it will be two years since I became a part of the DEMP family. I’m gainfully employed, I’m raising my daughter and I’m writing this from my safe place of residence, all things I never had before I met these women. Some things come fast and some come slow. I’m still healing, still growing, all with God’s grace and mercy learning to love myself. Most of all I’m still doing it with these earthly angels God sent to love me back to him.

This ministry played a vital role in my ascent from the trenches.

A powerful statement in a heartfelt letter from one of our survivors. Click here to read the full letter.

A Force to Combat Sex Trafficking

Helping when others have turned their back

The DEMP Project is a ministry that brings the light of Christ into the darkest of places.  We want to help put an end to sex trafficking. 

DEMP  stands for David, Esther, Moses and Peter. These four have incredible stories of reDEMPtion in the Bible.  Our mission is to treat every human being with love, faith, and kindness according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while building effective relationships within the community to identify, serve, and protect victims of the sex trafficking industry.




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