The DEMP Project

Devotion and determination


We bring light to those surrounded by darkness

The DEMP Project is a faith-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing victims enslaved in the sex trafficking industry.  We were established in 2015 and are located in Jacksonville, Florida.  DEMP’s goal is to eradicate sex slavery and sex-for-sale businesses in our local community. Our team has spent the last four years providing spiritual and physical resources to those who find themselves living this life. We build unconditional relationships meeting individuals where they are at and bringing the light of Christ to the darkness.

Our goal is to help the victims and their families make the transition to a better life. We assist in providing housing, life coaching, employment skills, and other essentials for an everyday life. Whatever the need, we are here to help! We will fight with these courageous women as they fight to take back control of their lives, and the future of their families.




Taisha Barnett

President & Founder

President & Founder

"DEMP ministry was created to help women heal and recover from their past with Jesus as their foundation. To be delivered into a new beginning and walk out a fresh new life."


Angela Gove

Director of Security & Development

Director of Security & Development

"The DEMP Project has helped me grow closer to God by helping me heal from sexual abuse as a child and drug use as an adolescent and adult. DEMP allows me to help others that are trying to find their way to the light."


Shannon Begemann

Executive Administrative Assistant

Executive Administrative Assistant

"The DEMP Project accepted me where I was at in my life. This ministry has helped me find a way back home to God and has allowed me to work with the gifts that God has given me."


Missie Driggers

Director of Children's Ministry

Director of Children's Ministry

"DEMP has allowed me to find my purpose in God's kingdom and has also given me extraordinary friendships to walk out my freedom and inner healing daily."





We provide trust and love

Our goal is to help the victims and their families make the transition to a better life. We assist in providing housing, life coaching, employment skills, and other essentials for an everyday life.
Presently, our group goes to eight local strip clubs twice a month to minister to women in the industry. Many of these women are in desperate need of a Savior. Generally, we start our visits with an offering of food, gifts and religious materials. We’ll also lend them an ear, give advice, and offer lasting friendships. At the same time, we focus on helping these women build a relationship with Jesus Christ. Additionally, we offer weekly Bible Studies, and encourage the girls to attend church while making ourselves available when they are ready to go. 
When Jesus’s sweet conviction hits them and they realize they no longer want this life, we help them find resources to get out. Sometimes we help with school or college applications. Other times it is help finding employment or referrals for law and family attorneys. We even help with drug rehab and counseling. We have working partnerships with like-minded organizations to help us facilitate many of these needs.

— Our Mission

Our mission is to treat every human being with love, faith, and kindness according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While also building effective relationships within the community to identify, serve, and protect victims of the sex trafficking industry.

— Our Vision

It is our goal to eradicate sex slavery and all sex-for-sale business from our local community. We also want to help women who feel they are “stuck” or feel as if they have “no way out.” With God all things are possible.

— Our Story

People are being bought and sold all around us, using fear and intimidation. This evil industry thrives because the victims are afraid to confront their owners. Women are being used, many of them against their will, for the financial gain of others. The unethical violation of human rights motivates our group to make a difference and bring light to a dark industry.


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