Club Ministry 11/28/2020

When I reminisce on last nights ministry, one word comes to mind… Peace…


I am overcome with peace.  Why you may ask?  Because our team had the opportunity to plant more seeds and tell others how much they are loved. 

We had the ability to pray in each dressing room, whether it was praying blessings over the girls, or something specific they asked for.  

It’s such a blessing to see some of our old friends and have the opportunity to catch up with them to hear how they have been through the pandemic.  It’s also a blessing when we meet new friends and have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ with them. 

One of the unique things about our ministry is that we do not minister ‘just’ in the clubs, we also minister in the parking lots of the clubs, and even gas stations.  Last night we ran into someone that we visit at the clubs and she recognized who we were.  We were able to pray with her before she went on about her evening.

Since we’ve been back; two people have quit the industry (one dancer and one bouncer), 1 person visited our church multiple times, and one dancer came back to the dressing room just so she could get more information about the church so she can come visit.

Thank you to everyone who supports us financially and spiritually.  Your support makes it possible for our team to do what God has asked of us and that is to spread the word of Jesus Christ!